Posted by: mikereynard | August 6, 2009

New web based seat booking application: Seatpicker


On-line seat booking from a plan of your theatre:



You want to sell tickets on-line. For a typical 400 seat theatre, say at a seat price of £20, if you could sell them all on-line, a ticket agency might take 10% or more – that’s over £800 per performance. Also your customers are taken away from your site to a strange new site probably with invasive advertising. It would be great if you had control, your customers could see what was available and choose their own seats. It’s a win-win situation, your customers have control and they are doing most of the booking task for you. Also you may or may not have a booking office and how do you synchronise office to internet bookings so that availability shown is always current? Reynardine’s solution using Seatpicker is to charge a flat £100/month fee to host and support on-line bookings at Prior to the evening of the event, office bookings are done on-line too. On the night of the performance, a separate booking office application takes over, downloads the current internet bookings and switches to LOCAL booking mode. This application quickly finds bookings and prints tickets for the event. Any further bookings on the night are done in this local office mode. 


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